Top 50 Funny Good Morning Quotes to Start Off Your Day With a Burst of Laughter

  •  Today’s advice from an expert: Smile more in the morning, laugh even more at the afternoon and stay happy till the night. Even though I’m not a doctor by profession. Good Morning!
  • You are the reason I always get late for the work in the morning. Whenever I see your charming face in the morning, my mind laughs at me and says go back to her. Good Morning!
  •  Even the doctor won’t charge any fee if I tell him you are the patient. So wake up and don’t let your free appointment be missed. Good Morning!
  •  Everyone wants me wake up in the morning. I could do that, but only if my morning became afternoon. Good Morning!
  •  The morning sun is crying and appealing you kindly to wake up before it gets afternoon. Good Morning!
  •  It’s time to open those giggling eyes and stretch those wobbly arms. Good Morning.
  •  It’s predicted that you are going to receive the most entertaining morning wish of your life packed with lots of sweet kisses and inspirational hopes. So don’t miss it. Good Morning!
  •  You are the only reason do I wake up in the morning. Of course to feed you! Good Morning!
  •  What is the similarity between you and the Morning Sun? Both don’t smile in the morning. Good Morning!

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