Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Daughters are special for each parent. Though it is supposed that fathers love their daughters more than their sons, the bond of a mother and daughter is not any less powerful and heavy. These lovely fairies, known as daughters, are like a divine benediction who fill the life span of their parents with delight and love.

The day your cute angel daughter was born is memorable and unique. There’s no parent that will ever forget. As a parent, sending or presenting a ” Happy Birthday Message for Daughter” makes her feel valued, loved and cared; what everyone is trying to find.

Looking for the correct birthday wishes for daughter, is just not always a simple task. But we made it quite easy for you. Here you can get some heart touching birthday quotes for daughter. Just pick the one you like, or you think matches with your daughter’s taste. You can even add your words in this daughter birthday quotes to make your wishes more private!


  • Being your mother is the best job of my life. I love you! My cutie pie. Have a very beautiful day of life. May God glorify your life with lots of merriment and enjoyment. Wish you a very happy event of your birthday!
  •  Happy birthday! My dear daughter. May you stay blessed with lots of illustrious moments. You are the treasure of my home. I love you a lot! Have a great celebration of this New Year.
  •  Being your mother, I always feel proud. You are the princess of my heart. Wish you the very beautiful celebration of your birthday. Happy birthday. My lovely daughter!
  •  Have a magnificent day of your life. May you live longer and splendid life. I am always with you. Love you a lot my dear daughter.
    Happy birthday!
  •  You are my proud! I wish the best of everything you may achieve in your life. My whole love is for you. My daughter! Always be strong and buoyant. Happy birthday to you.
  •  You are a bubbly and cute angel of my life. I love you a lot and will stand out with you till my last breath. I wish you an eminent and triumphant life. Happy birthday! Sweetie.
  •  Congratulation on the best occasion of your life. This is the day when I thank God for having a beautiful daughter like you. Wish you the brightest and the pleasurable start of New Year. Happy birthday! My adorable daughter.
  •  My sweet baby! You have brought a great drift of happiness in my life. My heart beats excitedly on your call of the word mama. I love you a lot, my daughter. May you stay blessed ever.
  •  I feel great ecstasy in my heart when you hold my hand and walk by your little feet. Love you every bit of what you do. Happy birthday my precious daughter.
  •  Undoubtedly! Daughter is a precious gift of God, and I am thankful to God, who honored me with this blessing. Happy birthday my cute little angel.
  •  My sweetie! You are the reason of my smiles. You have made my life complete. I feel very blissful to have you.God bless you. Happy birthday my dearest daughter.
  • The actual meaning of life has started with you, my dear daughter. I love you so much. Wish you a very happy birthday with lots of joys and ebullience. Stay blessed. My beautiful daughter!
  •  Your presence in my life has enlightened our life to the extreme beauty and joys. I wish you a very happy and joyous occasion of this day. Happy birthday!
  •  All comforts and happiness in my life is just because of you. You have given us a reasonable life with lots of charm. Happy birthday! May you shine like the sparkling star in the sky.
  •  Have a glittering and sparkling day of your life. I wish you many more comforts and contentment which make your life brighter and charmful. Happy birthday my dear doll.
  •  I usually pray to God for my beautiful angel! May you live longer and keep shining in our lives. Happy birthday to you! My sweetheart.
  •  I was expecting for a beautiful daughter who calls me mom with her sweet voice. And by the blessing of God you have fulfilled all my expectations. Happy birthday to you my beloved daughter.
  •  Happy birthday! My dear daughter. I love you a lot. You are a beautiful hope and light of my life. May you always be happy and groom yourself with the enchantments.
  •  My sweetheart! You have decorated my life with the beautiful colors. May you live a colorful and ornamental live ahead. Wish you a very happy birthday to you.
  •  Routinely, I wonder! How lucky I am to have a beautiful gift of God in the shape of you. I love you my dear daughter. Happy birthday. Wish you very happy and tremendous life.
  •  Daughter is the blessing for a very parent. May you get success in every point of life. I wish you a wonderful and celebrated life further on. Happy birthday!
  •  I am thankful to God, who blessed me with an amazing beauteous daughter like you. My sweet daughter. I wish you the most renowned day of your life. Happy birthday.
  •  On this beautiful occasion of life, I wish you the massive amount of happiness, cheers, love, prayers and the best wishes. Happy birthday to you! My sweet daughter.
  •  On this special day of your birthday! I greet you heartily. I pray to God to give you infinite success and the beauties of life.Happy birthday my dear daughter!
  •  Happy birthday my loveable daughter! My all prayers are with you. You have brought light in our lives. Just because of you, I can enjoy every bit of life happily. May God bless you with all the happiness desires that you have.
  •  Happy birthday my beloved daughter! You are a miracle in my life. Your existence is the splendid cause of my merrymaking. May your every birthday bring great delight and love in your life.
  •  Happy birthday my cherished daughter. You rejoiced my life with your love and innocent smiles. May God bless you with lots of love and accomplishments.
  •  My cute daughter! You are the purpose of my life; you have changed my life to the brightness. I love you a lot. Wish you very happy birthday with lots of love and best wishes.
  •  God has connected me all joyousness and jubilation with you, my lovely daughter. You are my high spirit! Love you a lot. Happy birthday to you my dear. Have a fantabulous day.
  •  Being a mother, I am happy to have a beautiful and obedient daughter like you. You are the only significance of my life. Sweetheart! Love you a lot. My sweetie.
  •  My beloved daughter you are an honor of my life. I wish you lots of cheerfulness and comforts in your life ahead. Happy birthday! Love you so much.
  •  Happy birthday my heartthrob! You are a pride of my home. May God bestow you with all the jubilation and merriments of life. Stay in charms. Have a lovely celebration of your birthday.
  •  My dear daughter! It’s your birthday. I love to celebrate this special day of your life with full of joys and enjoyments. Wish you very happy birthday. Love you forever more. Stay blessed.
  •  Happy birthday my dear daughter. You know! You have made me able to understand the lovely feeling of motherhood. I am really proud to be called as a mother. I love you a lot my sweetest daughter you are the love of my life.
  •  A blessing is, to have a wonderful and beautiful daughter like you. On the celebration of your birthday, I wish you many exhilaration and enchantments around you. Happy birthday! My cute doll.
  •  Have a great celebration of this fabulous occasion of your birthday. You are the priceless gift of God. May God shower His blessings upon you with lots of love and comforts. Happy birthday! Have a terrific life ahead. My sweet daughter.
  •  Happy birthday my cutie! Daughter like you is pride. Wish you a tremendous start of your journey. Have a blessed life.
  •  You are an apple of my eye. I pray to God to boost your happiness and joyousness in every step of life. Being your mother, your every gladness is connected with me. May you shine forever, happy birthday my affable daughter.
  •  May every day of your life brings new ecstasy and bliss. May you conquer your ambitions with the best in all accord, happy birthday to you my dearest and nearest daughter!
  •  I cannot express my feelings of joy while arranging every celebration of your you are growing old, my love and attention towards you increases more and more. Wish you very happy birthday. Stay blessed my beautiful daughter.
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