Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”
-Thomas Aquinas.

Friendship is a unique relationship, with friends we share our sorrows as well as happiness. Birthdays celebrated with your friends are unforgettable, and people used to miss that time even when much time has been passed out, and all of them moved forward in their lives.

Happy birthday wishes for friends are not mere simple words but these are the true feelings that your friends used to express on your big day.

So, If you are blessed to have a good companion then greet him or her with passionate happy birthday wishes for best friend.

Send a special birthday message for a friend on his or her birthday and make the day even happier by your sweet happy birthday messages. You can even send these birthday quotes for friends via text message, email, greeting card, phone call or through personal visit. Just get a huge smile on your friend’s face through our birthday wishes to a friend. “Happy birthday friend.”

Say ‘Happy Birthday’ With Our Cordial Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

  •  Friendship is a name of companionship, fellowship, comradeship. Friendship is the most wonderful relationship amongst the all, and I’m very thankful that I’ve got such a loyal friend like you, Happy Birthday fellow, may you live long and always succeed in every matter of your life.
  •  Birthdays come and go, people come and go, but some things are important that can never be forgotten, and you are one of them. I’m so glad to have such a memorable friendship with you, Happy Birthday.
  •  Friendship is a source of happiness, contentment, power and aspiration. True friends are like a body; they act as a body. Happy Birthday, Fellow, may this birthdays bring lots of happiness and success in your life.
  • May this birthday bring lots of merriment, gaiety and blessings in your life. Your friendship gave me hope to further spend jovial and memorable times with you. I wish you have a wonderful birthday evening. With love and affection.
  •  Birthday comes once a year, but friends like you come ones in a lifetime. I’m ready to celebrate it with full enthusiasm and warmth. Wish this Birthday bring lots of happiness and love in your life. With sweet greetings.
  •  There is nothing more special in my life than your birthday; I wish you have an amazing day, Happy Birthday!
  •  Happy birthday to the most amazing and charming friend, Wish this birthday mark ultimate success in your life, with best wishes.

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Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends to Make Their Birthday Bash Very Special

  •  I wish our friendship continue to flourish and turn brighter day by day. Happy birthday to the most amazing friend who enlightened my life. Happy birthday, mate, with best wishes.
  •  May this birthday bring a lot of success and prosperity in your life. Your friendship blessed me so much. Happy birthday, dear, enjoy.
  •  The day I met you will never be forgotten. On that day, I got the most amazing and decent friend who always helped and supported me in every matter of my life. Happy birthday, fellow! With warmth wishes.
  •  Wish birthday brightens your life with lots of happiness and blessings. I wish you celebrate this birthday with piles of smiles, laughter, love and cheer. Happy Birthday dear friend, with best wishes.
  •  I remember those times when you cared me, supported me, encouraged me and motivated me whenever I had hard times. You are the most amazing friend who always helped me in every matter of my life. Happy birthday, fellow, wish you live long, Enjoy.
  •  I always find ways to celebrate with you, and today I got one, happy birthday fellow! Let’s celebrate it together with full enthusiasm and zest.
  •  Friends get old, but the friendship never gets old. In fact as the time passes, it gets more and more memorable and spirituous. Happy birthday to the most amazing friend, wish you celebrate this birthday with full fondness and eagerness.

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