•  My dearest mom, you are the most adorable and affectionate lady for me, your birthday is an incredible day of my life. I love you for all the moments and days that I have spent with you. Your every birthday is so special for me to realize your worth existence in my whole life span. Happy birthday to you my sweetheart
  •  MOM, you are the inspiration of my life, your teachings are so the precious and meaningful for my whole life. They are the real motivation towards every step of my life from personal to professional. I am proud of being part of you. Lots of love on this special occasion of your birthday. Happy birthday, mom…
  •  Happy birthday my darling mom. I am proud to have you as my mother, God bless you with lots of happiness, sound health and bestow you all, what you want ahead. MOM, My love and adherence to you will remain same till my last breath. I know I am not as much obedient as I ought to be, but I am lucky to have the same attention from you. You are the only one, who always put me out of every problem that I had. I love you a lot. I want to confess one thing; I never prayed for anyone but for you. Your every smile gives me a lot of courage to stay strong and contented.
  •  May God enlighten your life with the eternal bliss of this happy moment of your life! Your birthday is very special to me. You are the real champ of my life. Wishing you many returns of this beautiful day. Love you a lot
  •  When the candles are blown out, my heart beats excitedly, it’s none of the other days but your birthday. I always feel the honor to celebrate your birthday. You cherish above all, my sweet mom. Happy Birthday
  •  Your birthday always makes me realize that I have a priceless diamond in my life. May you live long! Wishing you a bundle of blessings, happiness, and health with never-ending love.
  •  Love you tons, my dearest mom, you are the light that protect me in the darkness and hardships of my life. May your life shine forever!
  •  I owe my life to you, my dear mother. I pray for nothing but your happiness and blessings to come your way and keep you energetic by heart. I Wish, your every birthday gives you dual happiness and cheerful life. Wish you this charming day with lots of love.
  •  Mom your birthday is the most awaiting day of my life. You are my first Iconic inspiration whom I follow as the verses of Holy Book. It’s time to celebrate the best day of my life, which is your birthday mom. Wish you the stunning journey of life. I wish your every birthday celebration bring lots of astonishing and enchanting memories to make you smile every time.
  •  I wish I can decorate your life with the everlasting happiness and beauteous smiles always. I thank God for having you; you are the most candid and reliable person, to whom I trust blindly.
  •  You are the queen of my heart. Wishing you the most joyous day with great love and peace.
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Best Happy Birthday Mom Wishes – Celebrate Her Birthday With Deep Cordial Wishes

  •  Mom you are an actual explication to my life. Thank you for giving me that much audacity to tackle every difficult situation… love you for more my dear
    Happy birthday
  •  Your every birthday celebration rejoices me overall in the bright or dark times of my life, from where I am gone through. No doubt I am really blessed with the lovable mom like you. Happy birthday my sweetheart.
  •  Your birthday is the designated day for me to tell you, how lucky I feel to have a wonderful person like you as mine mother. You are the only who availed everything for me whenever I was in need of it… happy to have you mom. Happy birthday.
  •  Happy birthday to the supreme person, I have seen in my life. Your integrity towards us is to be admired above all. I wish many blessing may follow you ahead. Love for ever
  •  I love you for all your dedication that you have given me. I respect you more than anyone I had ever. Your dignity and pluck made me stronger whenever I felt alone. You are the brighten star of my life. Thanks a lot for being with me.
  •  Wish you the sparkling day, today is the beginning of the new year of your life, may every segment of your life makes you shine in the world. I must pray to God to enlighten you forever… happy birthday my dear mom.
  •  May you flicker in your life with the same warmth and glamour which you possess now and afterwards. You are the gorgeous lady I have ever met. Stay blessed with the everlasting love mom. I wish the very happy birthday to you.
  •  Mom you are the strong pillar of the shelter that I love and prayers are always with you, I pursue your knowledge and beauty which is unbeatable. I promise I will always be devoted to you
    happy birthday my beloved mom.

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