• Happy birthday to my sweet sister. You are the only one whom I able to lean and rely on anything that I need. You are my sister by destiny but a friend by choice. Lets celebrate the birthday to make you realize how special you are for me. Stay blessed and contented.
  • Have a wonderful celebration of your birthday, sister. I must pray to God to shower all the bliss, love and attention that you deserve. Happy Birthday my sweetie!
  • You are the only one who laughs at my ridiculous joke and also cries with me in my pain. I love you a lot, my cute sister. Wish you the traffic day of the celebration.
  • Sis! I value our relationship more than anybody could ever imagine. You are my little dove.I’ll Be with you tenaciously and will never let you alone. Happy birthday my cutie!
  • I am so honored to have the best sister like you. You are very special to me. I wish the excellent achievement may you have in your life. Wish you the bundle of blessings and honor. Happy birthday my lovely sister!
  • Happy birthday to you, my sister. I wish you never see and trouble and darkness in your life. May your every tear convert into the everlasting laughter and happiness. Keep yourself happy and relax.

    • The funniest thing in our relationship that I enjoyed ever is to play hide and seek in the childhood love the memories that I have shared with you deliberately and undeliberatly .Wish you very lovely day to my gorgeous sister. Lots of love.

  • Happy birthday my darling sister. On this beautiful occasion, I want to appreciate the beautiful and remarkable moments that we have shared together through thick and thin. I am lucky to have a bold girl like you as my sister. May you always be twinkling like a star in the sky of your success.
  • I always feel proud of you, my sister! You are great. You always help me and never complain about me. I admire your every devotion to me. Happy birthday! My dear sister. May you live longer.
  • Happy birthday! My sister. May your life be enlightened with the delightful moments, which bring ecstatic joy and keep your warmth up and never let you down in your life. Always stay happy and tranquil.
  • Happy birthday my best sister. I wish the candle of your happiness blow out every year with more love and gratitude. You are an ideal sister of mine. I want to see you happy forever.
  • It’s your birthday my dear sister. May you get tons of love and concentration from everyone surrounds you. May God impart the happiness and jubilation in your life and make your journey more peaceful. Happy birthday.
  • May your birthday bring the same bliss and ecstasy every repeated year with more charm. I wish you lots of triumph and achievements to decorate your life. Happy birthday my cute sister.
  • Happy birthday my dear sister. Love you from the corner of my heart. You are the only person whom I need to stand by me whenever I need. You are very special to me. My pumpkin!
  • Wish you the very beautiful start of New Year and a festive day of your birth wish, we could have the same amusement and entertainment as we had in our childhood. Wish you the ultimate happiness and glad tidings. Happy birthday my sister.
  • Happy birthday my lovable sister. I wish you venture your journey out with lots of success and attainment. May you have much more. Stay blessed for all the time.
  • My sister, you are very special to me. I wish your ambition leads you to reach the stage of procurement and recognition. May God keep you up as brightening star. Happy birthday!
  • I am blessed to have such caring and dedicated sister like you. You are not only a sister but a best buddy as well. I wish I could spend my whole life with you blithely. Happy birthday my darling sister.
  • Happy birthday, sister. You are the role model for me. I admire you and quote you with my friends; I believe you more for all my decisions. I love you.
  • You always help me to tackle every matter in a better way. You make me perceive the realities of life. I am favored to have you as my sister. Happy birthday my lovely sister.
  • Happy birthday my sister. I know, I always teased you and fought with you, but I love you as well. The moments we have shared in our childhood are the most beautiful memories. You are the elegant Icon of my life.
  • I am happy to celebrate your birthday; it is a great merriment. I waited for this day to give you the gifts of love and confessions that how much I love you, my sister.
  • Happy birthday my darling sister. You are more than everything; I love you from the deepest core of my heart. Being with you is an amazing and peaceful feeling. May God always help you and put you out on every problem or mishappening.
  • Happy birthday! My dear Sister. You are very attractive and well-formed girl. Your attitude and attitudes are much supreme to reflect your personality. I am proud to be your sister. May God bestow you with the best.
  • Sister is the precious gift of God. It’s none another but you. Wish you the brightest day of your life. May you showered by God for all, which you want. May your every dream comes true. Happy birthday! My cutie.
  • Wish you the dazzling and brightest day and night. I pray to God to fill your life with tenderness and endearment. My best wishes will be with you. May your life shine like the sun. Happy birthday! My flea. My beloved sister.
  • Happy Birthday my sweetie. You are the most amiable person I have ever seen. I wish you the supreme and unbeatable journey of life. May you spend your every second with the exhilaration and delight.
  • I am feeling very grateful to have a shining star like you, my darling sister. Wish you the wonderful birthday full of surprises. May God give you lots of joy, prosperity, and good health. Happy birthday!
  • May God shower lots of blessing on this happy occasion of your birthday. May your every day and night, summer and winter bring more luck and prosperity to you. Happy birthday my dear sister.
  • Sister, you are extra special for me. I could never own a sister like you in this entire world. You are one and only whom I love. Wishing you a very happy birthday with all the love and affection. May you always be under the shadow of God.
  • My dear sister, I love to keep surprising you with lots of love and wrapped up surprised. You possess very pretty smile. I mostly chuckled at the astonishment on your face, when you smile beautifully .keep smiling. My best wishes are always with you.
  • Happy birthday my darling sis. You are an amazing person and a perfect companion for me. We had lots of laughing memories and secret sharing moments that enhance our love even more. Happy birthday to you. Lots of love forever more.
  • I wish, may your life shine always. You are very naughty but too much loveable. I love you a lot, and will be there for you always. Happy birthday to you. God bless you with enormous love.
  • I may not be the best sister whom you hoped so for. But you are the same which I wished. Love you a lot. Let’s celebrate the beautiful day for a beautiful lady. Happy Birthday my sweetheart.
  • Happy birthday to my dear and near sister. I know, I am so closed to your heart and very important to you. But you are the champ for me. Love you lot. Have an extensive happiness and success in your life. Always be happy.
  • Happy Birthday to you my sweet sister. I hope your every day would be as special as the day of your birthday. May you stay blessed with your goals and ambitions.
  • Happy birthday my dear sister. May you enjoy the every charm and beauty of life. Wish the shining smiles that may flourish your face with more beauty. Stay blessed.
  • O, my beautiful sister! You are very kindhearted and beautiful natured person. I adore you. And pray for you, may you achieve the best in your life. Have a beautiful and brightest day.
  • Sister! You are the real inspiration for me. You help me to face the challenges through dawn and dusk. You are the bright star of our family. May you always be happy and contented. Happy birthday my dear Sis!
  • I want to thank you for all the love and support you provide me. I am filled with the gratitude to be your sister. I pray to God to give you infinite joys and happiness. Happy birthday my cute sister.
  • On this special occasion of life blessing may showers upon you. May God fill your life with true peace, love and honor. Happy birthday to you! My darling sister. Have a magnificent day.
  • Happy birthday my sweet sister. I wish you a glorious birthday. May God give you such a strong strength to follow your dream and make them true. Be the one whom people feel proud. Wish you the sweetest day.

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