• Happy birthday my treasured Son! I am always with you even life knocks you down or raise you at the top of the world. I assure you, your every move would be my proud. Be happy and healthy always.
  •  Have a sparkling day! My sweetheart Son. I pray to God to equip you with the best of everything. May you do extremely well in your life without any obstacle. Happy birthday to you!
  •  Words are not enough to wish you the greatest day of mine and your life. I am very grateful to God for his blessings in the shape of you. You are a miraculous son of mine. Happy birthday my sweet Son!
  •  I wish! May you always be shining like a star in this world. May your every dream comes true. Wish you an enthusiastic and wholehearted life. Stay blessed and contented. Happy birthday to my amiable Son.
  •  Happy birthday to you my beloved! Your every birthday is so special for me. On your every birthday, I get more and more curious to arrange it more surprisingly and beautifully to make it remarkable event. Love you a lot.
  •  Birthday is a great day to show you how valuable and priceless you are. From your birth till today every day is so exclusive for me. But the day of celebration of your birthday is of great importance. Happy birthday to loving Son! You are the love of my life.
  •  Having you in my life is a great bliss of God. You are truly affectionate for me. I wish you a very happy birthday with lots of love and prayers. Have a wonderful celebration ahead. My handsome Son.
  •  God has given me very precious gift whose importance in my life I cannot express in my words. I always feel lucky to have you as my son. And I pray to God to make you the comfort of my eyes forever as you are now. Happy birthday my dear Son.
  •  My love is getting more strong and deep as you are growing old. But the memories of your childhood are very expensive for me. I love to remember every little move of you. You are an awe-inspiring Son.happy birthday to you. My love!
  •  Have a wonderful and festive day. May your life get enlighten with tremendous success and victories. May you achieve the best of everything. Stay blessed and protected my loved Son. Happy birthday!
  •  May you always be under the great fortification of God. May your every dusk be converted into the dawn of success. Wish you an astonishing and incredible life. My burnishing Son!
    Wish you the best birthday.
  •  Happy birthday my dearest Son! You are my love. May your life be glorified with beatitude and cheers forever. Have a wonderful and blissful life ahead.
  •  Birthday is the day to celebrate your inestimable existence in my life. A son like you is a proud forever. I love to praise you for your deeds and good habits. My son! I am lucky to have a perfect son in every aspect. Happy birthday my beloved Son.
  •  The more expensive gift, we can give someone is the high-spirit love and trust. Moreover every parent except the same from their children. It’s an immense bliss that we have a son who has never disappointed us. We love you all. Have a happy life at every ease.
  •  Happy birthday to my darling Son! You are very near to my heart. I never wanted you to be away from me. You are my ideal son, my pride!
    Love you forever. Stay in charms and cheers of life.
  •  I pray to God to decorate your life with the intensity of success and love. May you always enjoy the highly repute status in your life. We are always with you. Have a blessed journey. Happy birthday my lovely Son!
  •  Happy Birthday to my sweetest love! You are my life. Your smiles, your laughter, your presence apprehend my worth being your mother. I love you a lot. May you always be in peace and comforts of life.
  •  May God shower his love and kindness upon you. And keep you in the safe and comfortable zone of the life. May all your worries by pass by you. Have a marvelous start of New Year with a huge celebration. Happy birthday my devoted Son!
  •  Birthday is the day to pamper you out with lots of love and deliberation. You are the bona fide beauty of my life. Keep struggling and be sure to achieve the paramount victory in your life. Happy birthday my lovable Son.
  •  Have a grand celebration! My birthday boy. I appreciate your every effort towards your destination and love you for eternity. You are the best son in this world. Our all dedications and considerations are for you. Happy birthday!
  •  Happy birthday to my gorgeous Son, my proud! Wishing you a bundle of fascination, cheerfulness and attention around you. May you sparkle like a superstar. Have a striking festivity of your birthday. Love you for more.
  •  Happy birthday my adorable Son! You are the purpose of life, the cause of my smile and grounds for my laughter. I love you more than anything. May your life comprise on vast care, fondness and achievements.
  •  Your smile is the beat of my heart. I can do anything just to make you happy. Love you ever more. Always be under the shadow of God. Happy birthday my glowing son! Wish you the marvelous drive towards a new life of the New Year.
  •  Every celebration for you is pleasing to my eye. I am obliged to divinity who confer me you. I love you a lot. May your life get sparkled and pleasant forever. May you always find heavenly cheerfulness. Happy birthday my supreme love. My cute Son!
  •  Have an energetic and enthusiastic lead to the life. Wish you startling and staggering birthday with full of surprises and love. May you always be happy in tranquility and relieve. Happy birthday my dazzling Son!
  •  I wish! May you always stand out as strong as a tree and as successful as you want to be. Have a fantastic living style. May you always be cheering and Dazzling as a diamond. Wish you a very happy birthday my heartthrob.
  •  Your birthday celebration is of supreme value for me and your father. You are very special to us. Your every step remind us, our worth being your parent. We feel fortunate to see your accomplishments and victorious journey. Love you more my cherished Son.
  •  You are not only my son but a great refuge whose presence makes me feel protected and secure. I love you a lot my caring son. Wish you many returns of the day with lots of love and excitement. Happy birthday my champ!
  •  My best wishes and prayers will always surround you wherever you go. I pray to God to be with you in every walk of life and never let you fall in any step. May you always be enfolded in love and irresistible warmth. Have an immense celebration of this day. My Son!
  •  Happy birthday to my charming love! Your happiness is very supreme for me. I usually ask God to offer you, every desire and longing that make you happy. May every crave of you, make you more delightful forever!
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