Top 30 Happy Mothers Day Quotes to Show Your Love for Your Very Special Mom

  • Happy mother’s day. Mom, you are a very beautiful lady of this world. My all love and dedications are for. I wish, may you live long and happy life.
  • Mom! You are the sweetest flower of love. A beautiful rose with the striking fragrance of love and care. I love you a lot. I need your prayers in every walk of life. You are my role model to follow. I respect you a lot. Let’s celebrate your day. Happy mother’s day.
  • The Mother is the very special relation which worth above all. I love you, mom. Happy mothers day. May you stay in the paradise of happiness. Wish you very happy mother’s day.
  • Whatever I am, All I owe to you. You are the most inspirational personality in my life. I am very proud to be your daughter. I wish you to stay around me every time. Your consideration and care make me feel very special and worthy. Thank you so much. I love you. Happy mother’s day.
  • Mom! You are the greatest teacher of compassion, love and strength. You make my life so safe and sound. I feel fearlessness from everything just because of you. You are very special to me my dear. I love you very much. Wish you very surprising mother’s day. Stay blessed.
  • Happy mother’s day my lovely mom. It’s great to give you tribute for all your dedication and devotions. You strived for me a lot. It’s your prayers that make me a successful person. I am nothing with you. I love you a lot. May you always be in cheers.
  • I am amazed to see a mother who speaks with the soothing tone, reacts with the peaceful mind, and sustain the solace in every situation. A great salute to all mothers. Mother! You are the fantastic gift of God of the whole universe. Your love and guidance is everlasting. Love you a lot, mom. Happy mother’s day.
  • You love and care cling to me for whole life. You are very adorable to my love. I want to be with you forever. I want to stay under the protection of your prayers. I feel very blissful to be part of you. My beautiful mom. Wish you a wonderful mother’s day.
  • The Mother is the art and symbol of love. It’s great to feel the love and attention of a mother when nobody else in the world would care for you. It’s only mom who sacrifices everything to make us happy. I am very grateful to you my sweetheart. Happy mother’s day.
  • The best time of my life is when I regularly start my day by looking at your face and in return you give a very charming smile. Those smiles made me happy and my every day so valuable and treasured. That was a prime time for me. I miss you a lot, my sweet love. Happy mother’s day.
  • Mom! You are very adorable and endearing to me. I remember the tough timing where you sacrificed a lot to give us happiness. Your love and support made us very strong, determined to face every hardship smilingly. You are an amazing Mom. I love you lot. Much facilitation of the valuable day. Happy mother’s day. My sweetest and dearest mom.
  • I love a lot, mom. You are most valuable and cherished person in my life. I have seen the full beauty of the universe in your eyes. The way you love us feels like the love of God. Your unselfishness inspires me lot. Wish you an amazing mother’s day.
  • Happy mother’s day. Mom. You are most amazing and gorgeous mother. I am very thankful to you. You teach me how to live and how to love. All lessons of you I follow the commands of the holy book. I love you lot. May God bless you with safe and sound health and give you a very happy life ahead.
  • Mom, you are the real cure of my problems. I am blessed to have an auspicious mother like you. You always pull me up whenever I fell in the dark. You enlighten my life beautifully. Thank you very much. My sweet mother. Happy mother’s day. May you live happy and joyous life forever.
  • I love you, mom. Wish you a very celebrating day to dedicate you with love and affection. You are the most valued person in my life. Happy mother’s day. May you always be happy and contented. May God reduces all the problems from your life and bless you with the contentment and peace ahead.
  • Happy mother’s day. My loving mother. You are the perfect mother. I may not be a good daughter, maybe you have many problems with me, I tease you a lot. But even I love you more. I am habitual of your attention. I am really thankful to you because you are the only person in this world who tackle my problems with great ease. Stay with me.
  • I am very lucky to have massive love and prayers of my mother with me. I love you, mom. You are my ideal personality. If I am in the high position with enormous success, it’s just become possible because of your trust, love, and prayers. I do admire you for your every effort to make me achiever of my dreams. May you keep enjoying every happiness and jovial of life. Happy mother’s day.
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