Top 25 International Women’s Day Quotes To Celebrate Women’s Day

  • A woman with education is the woman with the power. Education is the weapon of women to improve the society from the very core. She is the only reason of setting the world at peace. A great honor of the world for a woman is to be a mother. My all dedication goes to women. They are the precious creation of God. Love them all. Happy international women’s day.
  • Giving tribute to the greatest ladies of the world sharing their voices and thought, spreading the message to the whole world is the awesome way to accept women’s importance and significance in our society. Happy international women’s day.
  • A woman of any society or any race or any color is of worth importance. They are equally respectable as the men are. They have won in every field of life. Let’s join the hand to pay your regards for their admiration. Wishing very happy international day to all women of the world.
  • Never underestimate the power of being women. A girl can do anything if she is willing to do it by her own choice. When women believe, she the great creation of God with the immense powers, nobody can dear to push her back. Salute to every woman and wishing them the most honorable international women’s day.
  • A woman is a great part of the world to be admired for everything. She is very strong and dedicated; she took every risk to save her family even she sacrifice her everything to make other’s happy. I wish every day should be women’s day to show them, how worthy and valuable they are in our lives. Happy to wish international women’s day to all the ladies of the world.
  • The very first knowledge in everyone’s life comes from the only source that is a mother (a woman). But this is true when you make the woman free to be educated, she will show you the diversity in the field of knowledge and power. She will discover the new truths with proper evidence. She will make you rock. Happy international women’s day.
  • Happy international women’s day. Being women is itself great nobility. Women are the lights in the darkness they are the happiness in the sadness. They provide the best of everything to build a home, a society, a country, even the world. They have the huge contribution to make the universe more beautiful.
  • Attention, appreciation, and love are the ingredients to make a woman happy. Women deserve more and get less. This is the day to stand out for them and make their ways easy to run their life. I wish I can reduce the every suffering of women from this world. Salute to all. Happy international women’s day.
  • I wish every woman a very special and happy international women’s day. Celebrate this day by spending it with the most respectable and deserving ladies to mingle with them and assure them of your presence. We are with them in every move towards best.
  • Women are the well aware of the decorum and peace because they make the home like heaven. So I believe if women are being given the equal rights to participate in the society their positive thoughts, dedications, and devotion make the society and country more peaceful and serene for everyone without any discrimination. Congratulating all the women who made the world shine with their contribution. Happy international women’s day.
  • Happy international women’s day. I feel very happy to celebrate this dedicating day in the whole world. It’s great to feel honor and respect for women in every walk of life.
  • Justice and equality are the need of every gender then why should a woman suffer from the injustice and unequal right. The women’s international day is being celebrated to assure women about their gender equality and power of equal right to make their life better and safer in positive means. Have a warm congratulation on this wonderful event of women’s day. Happy to everyone.
  • The woman is the most appreciable part of the society. When she shows her dare, nobody can come to restrict her in any way. She becomes very powerful and determined when she believes in herself. No more she can stay afraid when she recognizes her strength inside. A grand tribute to all women. Happy international women’s day.
  • Happy international women’s day. It’s the day to stand with women in their suffering and make them realize their self-power. Make them aware of the suppression and oppression by gender. To get them out of inferiority of being women. Let‘s be with them to make them rock the world. Cheers.
  • International women’s day celebrate the emancipation to let the women celebrate her identity with her every right. She must utilize her free thinking to chose haves and have not. Happy international women’s day to all.
  • An educated woman is the light of the society. She builds an educated and self-reliant society by raising her children intelligently with her wisdom. She is the subject of honor and love. I wish every woman should be shower with more attention, care, and appreciation in every step of life. She should be admired for everything that she has. Happy international women’s day.
  • Women are most beautiful and special part of us. They are the reason of loving life. They always give us love, care, attention, their precious time and devotion selflessly sometime in the shape of the mother, sometimes as a wife, sometimes as a sister or sometimes as a friend or beloved. They are an integral part of our lives even of society. Happy international women’s day to all.
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